1.     What if we want to visit a combination of cideries, wineries, distilleries or breweries?

We've had a great response mixing-and-matching tasting room visits so just let us know where you'd like to go or choose our Custom Tour option at checkout where you'll be able to select from the many tasting room options in the county!

2.     Is there a cost difference between the different tours?

All Private bus tours are the same price, so go where you want! If you know which stops you prefer, select the Custom Tour and create your own perfect day. Please check out our Social Bus and Social Walking tours for smaller groups and individual ticket.

3.     How much does a tour cost?

Our pricing is based on the size of your bus. A 15-passenger bus is $524+tax for 4 hours, our 20-passenger bus is $682+tax for 4 hours. Although the pricing is flat-rate regardless of the amount of people, the price can be broken down to less than $35 per person (at full capacity).  

4.     What's included in a tour?

We provide a dedicated driver/guide, our beautiful limo-bus, bottled water, individually-wrapped snacks (pretzels, chips, etc.) and keep our prices low so you can drink at your discretion. Please note that tasting fees are not included. 

5.     Is gratuity included?

We can take care of gratuity on your behalf when you make your reservation, or you can take care of directly with the driver. Please let us know which you would prefer.

6.     How are tasting reservations handled?

Beer/Cider - Rely on us to use our contacts at the tasting rooms to secure your group reservations and ensure excellent service from their staff.
Wine/Spirits - Our local wineries and distilleries are very popular and some are very small, so they require reservations for groups of 6 or more. We can offer this to you as part of our services with two weeks notice or you can make the reservations on your own.

7.     Can we choose which wineries we want to visit?

Absolutely. If you know where you want to go we are happy to take you there. We're also here to help you plan so let us know if you have any questions or would like suggestions on creating an itinerary.

For North County/Paso we recommend this map. For SLO/Edna Valley we recommend this map.

8.     Can we drink on the bus?

You are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages that you purchased at the brewery, winery, or cidery but we do not allow outside alcohol to be consumed on the bus! We supply the coolers, ice, cups, bottle openers and wine openers for you. Liquor is not permitted, non-alcoholic drinks are encouraged.

9.     We need food to soak up all this!

Although we provide light snacks on your bus, you are welcome to bring your own food/snacks to enjoy while on the road or at the tasting room's facilities. Most wineries and breweries have an area for you to picnic. Please let us know if you would like to incorporate a stop on your tour that has a food option and we will coordinate accordingly (allow 1-2 hours for a sit-down meal, depending on your group size).

Options include: Restaurant/taproom meal, food truck (they show up on-time most of the time), catering, ordering pizza, or bringing your own food.

Pizza lunch is included on our all-inclusive Walking Beer Tours only.

10.  How many people can fit on your bus?

Our Large buses seat 15 passengers and our XL Buses can hold up to 20. Please note that we have bench seating, so that could be a perfect amount, or a tight fit, depending on your group!

11.  Can we go for longer than four hours?

Custom tours are as fun for us as they are for you, and as long as the schedule allows it, we're happy to extend your tour to visit a few more tasting rooms, take time for a dining break, or get to those out-of-the-way spots! Only $124 (15-passenger buses) or $164 (20-passenger buses) for each additional hour.

12.  Can we get a guided tour of the facilities we visit?

We would be happy to contact the tasting rooms on your behalf to inquire about tours of their facility. Please note that requests will be subject to availability so make a note in your reservation in order for us to reach out to them asap.

13.  Where do you pick up from?

We offer free local pick up and drop-off anywhere within 20 miles of our headquarters near downtown SLO! For addresses further away we charge a small one time fee to help cover additional fuel and labor costs: Each additional 10 miles is only $25.

14.  Are children or minors allowed?

We are happy to cater to all ages and most tasting rooms are licensed to allow minors on their premises. Let us help you put together a kid-friendly itinerary for your whole group. Note: We do not have belts to accommodate car seats. State Laws regarding underage drinking still apply.

15.  Are we allowed to get super wasted and be rude?

No, please don't do that.

16.  Any more questions? Please feel free to email, call, or find us on Facebook and we'll answer the same day


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